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What is Distance Healing? and how does it work?

I can only give you information based upon my own experience as a healer and the experience of the person receiving healing. Being open the receiving healing is good but not essential as I was always taught to work with whatever is happening for the individual and that could be 'becoming more open without judgement'.

My journey towards being a healer began in my 20s when my hands would pulsate and I thought it would be a good idea to study massage/reiki healing to be able to channel this and it worked. I was lucky enough to meet my teacher who lived at the Osho ashram in Pune India at the time Osho was alive. She taught me how to heal myself, when I had endometriosis and calm my mind. We did various group meditations, healing circles, distance healing, shaman and crystal work, emotional release work and more... very deep and nothing I had ever experienced before.

When I work with an individual I need to work on myself for 2hrs before the 1hr treatment as this ensures a strong energy flow. The treatment focuses on the physical, emotional and mental levels and is very specific and individual. I guide you through a breathing technique that connects us and enables me to work deeply. I use various frequencies during the healing to relax you and crystals to strengthen you when and area of the body feels blocked.

AR "I don't know how you do it, but my back feels a lot better and I want to continue every week" - He has cerebral Palsy

JC "I feel like I am in a state of deep relaxation and you were spot on without me discussing any issues"

GE " You right about the pain I was getting on my right side. It has now gone after 6 months"

To talk to me about the treatment please call 07931 384 242

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