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If you are one of the many people at home right now sitting in a chair working away and wishing you could sort out those aches and pains, especially the stiff neck that doesnt seem to go away. Well, help is at hand. During the lockdown the only treatments available are essential treatments.

Essential treatments are - DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Sports massage.

Deep tissue is the essential treatment that is available through the Karma Mama during COVID 19 lockdown. This treatment is a firm pressure massage to release any RSI (Repetative strain injury) with soft tissue release, trigger point therapy and deep tissue movements. If comfortable and very effective for the relief of muscular pain.

If you are worried about your safety right now. I am in full PPE and practise all of the requirements listed by the government. I also have a COVID certificate which means I am qualified in all of the safety involved with the Coronavirus. All that is required of you, is to provide your 3 x towels and mask that you need to wear at every appointment.

If you need any more information, you can reach me on 07931 384 242 or Treatments are as listed 60mins £65 90mins £95 120mins £125. Clients in Hendon Waterside recieve a £10 discount and will need to call rather than book on the website.

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