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Summer Solstice Lakeside Meditation

Imagine sitting by a lake listening to the birds, the wind and the trees on the longest summer day of the year. The sun beaming through the gaps in the trees and moving across your face. You are sitting still and relaxing in your body and energy to match the pace of nature. Becoming the space around you. Feeling a part of everything yet so a particle in the universe.

If you have never tried meditation this would be a perfect session to learn an easy meditation and be part of a beautiful dynamic in tune with nature. This 30 minute session includes a breathing technique to relax and balance you along with a Reiki healing in the last 15 minutes to healing you.

You can join us this Saturday 20th of June 2020 at 5.45pm-6.15pm either at the Welsh Harp reservoir *(limited spaces - 5) in North London or via a zoom meeting. Please visit - online zoom sessions £5 and then message me if you would like to come to the lake.

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