What is a Manual Face lift and how does it work?

Manual face lifting procedure is a strong massage to lift the face and restructure the muscles of the face and chin. I have used this technique on numerous occasions within my facials and seen great results. The massage is 17 minutes long and feels like your face has been to a Zumba work out! Be prepared for some pulling, lifting, pressing, sliding, full power strong.... it works!

This photo was taken before the manual face lift procedure. As you can see there is puffiness in the cheeks and on the forehead. Skin has a slight brown pigment to it and lines are appearing around the mouth.

After one Manual face lift the skin tone is brighter and more radiant. The bloating in the cheeks has gone down and will continue to go down over night. The massage detoxes the face via lymph drainage, so even in the forehead you can see less swelling. The chin is slimmer too.

Aim for every 2 weeks to see a difference and then once a month within a facial.


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